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Anti wrinkle

3 areas-£195
2 areas-£165
1 areas-£135

Male anti wrinkle
3 areas-£225
2 areas-£195
1 areas-£165

Extra area-£30

Lip Filler

1ml- £195

Dermal Filler

Nasolabial fold,marionette lines, fine lines £200
Cheeks, chin or Jaw 1ml - £200
Under eyes- £250
Nose -£250

Dermal Filler Packages

Micro (2mls)-£350
Mini  (3mls)-£450
Midi  (5mls)-£700
Maxi  (9mls)-£900
ultimate (10mls) £1250

Face neck or decolletage
1syringe - £200
arms or knees
2 syringes £400
for best results a second treatment is required four weeks apart 

Skin booster
Teoxane - £200

Correction work
dermal filler dissolving-£150
dermal filler dissolving and refill ( lips only ) - £250

Skin treatments
Skin consultation - Free
Obagi blue radiance peel £70

Dermaplane facial -£45
Dermaplane with mask-£50
Dermaplane with mask and
treatment booster - £55


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